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Website Hosting

Possessing a website at present is a necessity when it comes to sharing opinions, advertising a new business or just remaining up to date with the newest trends. As e-mails have substituted paper letters long ago and people search for more or less everything on the Internet, it is a fine idea to devise a web portal where people can read about you or your business - this is a way to come closer to them, to let them know what you think or what you offer. Let us have a gaze at what you require in order to kick off a web site and the various hosting solutions that allow you to achieve that.

First of all, you require a domain - this is the Internet address that visitors would type in their browser to look up your website. It should be something that is easy to remember, but also something that is connected with the topic of your website. Visitors would always go for something concise and easy and this is the first move toward obtaining some regular web site visitors.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is a virtual private hosting server configured on a physical web server, which permits persons to possess their own web hosting server to save web site content. It offers a great balance between price and performance, so it is regularly the favored choice for more resource-consuming websites that cannot be accommodated on a shared web site hosting server. Because a number of users keep their own personal virtual private web server on the very same machine, all system resources can be used, which reduces the price per person. Each virtual private web server comes with full server root access, which enables people to install any software platforms or script libraries that may be needed for certain apps to operate.

The positive aspect of handling a virtual private hosting server is that it is entirely autonomous from the rest of the virtual private web server hosting accounts on the server. It can be restarted, updated, and can even come with a different OS than those of the rest of the virtual private web server hosting accounts on that machine. It is essentially like a dedicated web hosting server, but a VPS web server costs only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated web hosting machine.

Register a Domain Name

If you desire to own a site, this means that you require a domain name. A domain is an easy-to-memorize name that you write in your browser's location bar when you wish to go to a specific web page.

This is a topic I approach due to the fact that this past week my boss proposed the idea of establishing a site for our new project. That itself is not an issue, the issue is that he wants a site, but has not made a decision yet about what it should look like, what it should contain, etc. All that he revealed to me was the name of the web site - its domain. Thus, we now have a web address for a yet-to-be-established site and nothing more.

Each web site is hosted on a physical machine. That physical machine has its own personal physical address, known also as an IP address. Accessing a web site by writing the IP address of the physical machine in your browser, though, is not the best and most suitable thing to do, so that was how and why domain names came into existence. Thus, a domain pertains to an IP on the World Wide Web. After it has been registered, that is.

To register a domain name, you first have to find a domain registrar. NTC Hosting has the best solution for my current and future projects - they provide a Domain Manager package, which can be easily upgraded to a hosting plan at a later time - when my boss finally makes up his mind about what objective the website will have.

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