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If you are about to buy a fragrance for your own needs or for somebody else as a present, is the perfect place for you to read about the brand new fragrances on the marketplace you are hardly familiar, or absolutely unfamiliar with. Or maybe you will discover more interesting facts about your preferred fragrances. Anyway, you will improve your knowledge of perfumes. The included pricing information will additionally help you discover the most attractive prices on the Internet.

Dolce&Gabbana The One

Dolce&Gabbana created its fragrance The One in 2006, fall out of the market.The idea however is to be used year round and for all occasions. It is suitable for evening meetings and for your everyday pursuits. It is a fresh, sensual, highly sophisticated. They call it even “fragrance character.”
Advertising persons of the perfume The One are the two beauties – Brazilian model Gisele B√ľndchen and American actress Scarlett Johansson. Both are dazzling in their advertising campaigns. In my opinion, they are not random people, they are iconic. Each has an inimitable charm, so it’s appropriate to say they represent the fragrance The One.

Chloe Love

Chloe Perfume of Love was released in September 2010. Its creators are perfumers Louise Turner and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto. Advertising face of the fragrance is a beautiful Brazilian model Raquel Zimmerman. In the advertising, she is extremely dazzling and elegant. She spray the perfume throughout her neck and leaving the house. She sincerely entertained herself, driving her car, visiting a restaurant, walking down the streets of Paris. Blond hair, earrings, gold shirt, beige pants, sparkling in the golden hues Mercedes – all combined in a perfect way to add more sophistication, elegance and a reminder of the vision of perfume Love. The song in the ad that says She can’t love you (Chemise) only contrast. Raquel Zimmerman also have bee ninvolved in the advertising campaign for Gucci by Gucci. There, the golden hues and cheerful mood are also dominated. Gucci by Gucci, however, highlighted an evening fragrance, suitable for special occasions. Love of Chloe, in turn, is a day perfume accompanying all commitments and obligations that have to do.

Chloe Lisy

Design house of Chloe fragrance launched its Lisy in 2009. Its creators are perfumers Michel Almairac and Amandine Marie. Lisy is unique, and contains the most concentrated “parfum” among other flavors of the popular fragrance house. It is in limited quantities and is available in package of 15 ml. Because of its practical packaging, it is suitable to carry in a purse and used at any time during the day.

Chloe Innocence

Chloe launched on the market his fragrance Innocence in 1995. The creator was Nathalie Lorson, whose aim was to design a romantic, soft scent for the spring-summer season. The first face of the perfume was the UK model and TV star Jodie Kidd. The blue-eyed beauty looked herself in the mirror. Her eyes and also the blue colours of the bottle contrasted in the images. Those white and blue colours give extreme softness, which is equal to unbelievable interaction, based on synchrony and contradiction at the same time.

Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense

The trend Chloe launched its new fragrance Eau de Parfum Intense during October 2009. The structure of the perfume is quite similar to the one of its predecessor. At the base stands a sense of rose. Intense is a mixture of warm summer and colder strong winter scents. Hence, the perfume is perfect for both season spring-summer and autumn-winter. Besides, the different seasons, it is also suitable for a different moods. The first face of the item is the French actress and model Clemence Poesy.